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This brief contains the general information of the Federal state of Micronesia, major problems of the country, and in particular Tuberculosis disease and Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis. Under the general information of Micronesia, the location, the political structure, the demographic information, and the internal and also external challenges are listed. This brief also has detailed information about the two simultaneous outbreaks of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis of Micronesia. Tuberculosis is one of death contributing factor in Micronesia. Tuberculosis can be cured if the therapy is properly taken but if the therapy isn’t taken properly, the TB disease can grow into Multidrug –Resistance tuberculosis, which very risky and expensive to treat. The information about the outcomes, treatment, and part of the population at risk, Prevalence of tuberculosis and MDR TB can be found in this brief. Two graphs are included in this brief to emphasize the confirmed case and death due to the outbreaks during 2007-2009 in Micronesia. The other graph shows the death and treatment of infected people with tuberculosis.

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