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Malaria is an infectious disease caused by mosquito bite. It is a major health problem in Uganda and is a major cause of mortality and morbidity. Pregnant women and children are the most infected groups in the country. The Ugandan government did their best to keep children and women healthy by providing clinics near the villages and advocating home treatment for malaria. Although, the government is very supportive in preventing and promoting the malaria, people did not seek healthcare as much as they should. The reason for not seeking healthcare was because they feel healthy, or the clinic had long waiting hours and was a great distance from home to the hospital. Malaria is preventable and it is best to seek out the health provider as soon as possible after the mosquito bite to get a diagnostic test. Also, mosquito net, and vaccination can help prevent the disease. My solution for the Ugandan people is to live in clean environment, with mosquito nets to keep mosquitoes out at night and improve communication between doctor and patient. It is important to have good communication skills because when the doctor pays attention to the patient, shows empathy to them, and the explains necessity and benefits and procedures, the patient will be more likely to come back to the hospital.