PUBH-100: Global Issues in Public Health

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Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Monitoring | Natural Resources and Conservation | Other Environmental Sciences | Public Health

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Climate change is a public health issue that affects the entire globe. These effects include the rising in sea levels, shrinking of mountain glaciers, accelerating ice melt, and shifts in flower and plant blooming. The cause of climate change is due to what is known as the “greenhouse effect.” This is where certain gases block heat from getting out of the atmosphere. The cause of this effect is due to many factors like the overuse of fossil fuels and overpopulation. The impact of climate change on the Antarctic, to be specific, is that it has been seen to affect the West Antarctic in particular. The ice sheets here have become more vulnerable and the reduction of life living in this area. Evidence shows these changes when comparing the past’s numbers and temperatures to the present. While there is no cure to climate change, we, as a society, can do many things to help prolong the lives living on Earth. This can be done by educating one’s self of these changes and being aware of how big this issue is. Recycling, driving energy efficient cars, and being conscience of our everyday actions and their impacts can help reduce our harmful effects and create a more comfortable living environment for all organisms on Earth.

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