Race, Ethnicity, & Religion

Race, Ethnicity, & Religion


Students enrolled in Race, Ethnicity, & Religion 313 with Dr. Michelle Wolff historicize constructions of race and religion from the modern period to the present. In addition to reading theory, we engage in place learning by exploring the Quad Cities, visiting the Black Hawk Historical Site and Figge Art Museum, and mining Augustana College's Special Collections.

Papers assignments include: 1) reflecting on events at Augustana College 2) comparing Haitian and Mexican colonial art 3) a research paper on a local artifacts, image, document, and/or places 4) analyzing Beyoncé's Lemonade

Students also do a creative project that functions as an alternative site of scholarship on the same topic as their research paper.


Submissions from 2019


Recounting Racism: A Look at Issues of Racism at Augustana College and the College's Response, Shelby Burroughs


Jesse Routte: Using Style to Signify Injustice, Emma Nordmeyer