Womanist Ethics

Website: Become an Augie Womanist

Grace Harvey, Augustana College, Rock Island Illinois
Francis Faasen, Augustana College, Rock Island Illinois
Sydney Ion, Augustana College, Rock Island Illinois
Brian J. Duffley, Augustana College, Rock Island Illinois
Elyzabeth Erlandson, Augustana College, Rock Island Illinois


“Become an Augie Womanist” is based on the six-step approach to womanism with a focus on traditional communalism. It could be described as a check-list of assignments that lead a person all the way to becoming an Augie Womanist. Each level has multiple tasks that must be completed with evidence attached. As you continue through the levels, they progressively get more and more difficult. By the last level, it is the most difficult task to complete. The goal is to achieve the Augie Womanist status, but you can get to any level and be accomplished. The first level is based off of uncovering black women’s experiences by finding resources that uncover those experiences. The second and third levels consist of validating and creating values related to these experiences. After the first few levels, it turns into acting on womanist values and reflecting on those values in the real world. The site also explains the roots of womanism and the mothers of womanism. In order for the tasks to make sense, the definition of traditional communalism is included on the site. The connection to traditional communalism is through the different levels and activities that one does, they begin to learn the concerns and cultural identity that black female womanists share with one another. It is a way for people to connect to those that have different experiences and identity.