Womanist Ethics


Radical Subjectivity

Publication Date

Spring 5-10-2019


RELG-203: Christian Ethics


This project was created in our Religion class taught by Dr. Wolff. Urvaksh Avanthsa, Marissa Borkowski, Kyle Baus, Natalie Amezola, and Mason Bergstrom wrote a song about "Radical Subjectivity" a phrase describing black women's empowerment. We wanted to make a song that audiowise reflected the music that is made nowadays. We wanted to reflect ideas that are normally not portrayed, but still keep the same kind of sound of recent music. Radical subjectivity is a phrase which describes the idea of getting rid of stereotypes by allowing women to move from being a victim to a victor through self transformation. In our song we created a fictional African American woman in which we explain how she ignores these specific stereotypes, but everyone else is blind and only believes in the rumors they hear. Our female character's clothes are judged even though she looks like everyone else. Her skin is defining her. Women should see themselves as "Victors" and not "Victims". We need to dismantle the evil and accept everyone for who they are. Radical Subjectivity does not allow anecdotal evidence to be banished to the margins of religious knowledge. It is about women loving women, women loving men, men loving men, and men loving women.

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