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God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good (2017) tells the story of Pietism, a revival movement beginning in 17th-century Europe, which emphasized biblical literacy, spiritual rebirth, and the holistic transformation of individuals and communities.

This is a 1-hour version of the original 75-minute documentary, adapted for public television and airing on WQPT-PBS on June 11, 2020.

In God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good, Dr. Mark Safstrom (Augustana College) and Dr. Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom (North Park Theological Seminary) offer an accessible introduction to Pietism, suitable for use in the classroom and congregation alike. The perspective is ecumenical and includes critical reflection. Discussion of Lutheran and Moravian history features prominently, as does the impact of Pietism on the Methodist, Baptist, and Free Church traditions. The footage includes well known historical sites in Germany, such as Halle and Herrnhut, as well as lesser known stories from Scandinavia. Through recent interviews with pastors and scholars, as well as accounts of influential women and men from the past, this feature-length documentary reveals how Pietism helped shape modern Christianity.

Filmmaker: Tim Frakes; Narrator: Dr. G. Timothy Johnson; Producer: Pietisten, Inc.; The full 75-minute DVD version is available through Vision Video, Inc. at 1-800-523-0226 (request item #501751D). Order online at .

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God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good: The Story of Pietism. Written by Mark Safstrom and Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom, Production by Tim Frakes. Vision Video 2017. 75 min. DVD.