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Brazil Term 2014

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Fall 10-9-2014

Description or Artist's Statement

The Maracanã stadium has been known for its architectural value as well as its historical context. This is one of the few stadiums that can claim its historical significance in addition to being called a sporting arena. This was first built in the 1950s and has been continually renovated and used until today. It has a unique shape and structure that has been kept up all these years. Its circular shape has a sense of continuity throughout the stadium as well as having the feeling of being the "heart" of the city. The seats near the bottom start out yellow and then turn blue which I took as an interpretation of the sun in the middle of the sky. This stadium also has a significant cultural value to it because soccer is a big cultural aspect in Brazilian society. On this day we went to see one of the local teams play, Fluminense. The atmosphere was incredible and it was amazing being at the stadium where the World Cup of 2014 was just recently held. Being in the place that I had seen so many times on television was an incredible experience and so surreal.


Winner, Architecture & Design, 2015


Maracana stadium, Estadio Maracanã, Brazil, soccer, World Cup


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