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2016 Winter LC in Norway

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Winter 2-27-2016

Description or Artist's Statement

Nicole Kvist, a sophomore at Augie that I met through the Norway trip, gazes out the window of the boat we took through the Nærøfjord on our way from Oslo to Bergen. Our entire group was enamored with the views we experienced throughout the entire trip, but in this moment she seemed to be completely and utterly in awe of the mountains towering just on the other side of the glass. I think this is one of the simplest but most important takeaways from any travel: viewing the new landscape as a method of rooting your experience in a different culture.


Honorable Mention, Students Abroad, 2016

I hope my pictures can be appreciated for not only their quality but for the window into Norway that they afford to the viewer. Photography has always been a passion of mine and it is truly a pleasure to share my experience abroad in this way.


Fjord, Norway, Student


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