2016-2017: DeWitt, Iowa


GEOG 325 Urban Design & GEOG 423 Urban & Regional Planning

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Student Paper

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Geography | Nature and Society Relations | Physical and Environmental Geography | Spatial Science

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As part of the Sustainable Working Landscapes Initiative project, two urban geography and planning classes researched Smart Growth principles and their applicability for the City of DeWitt. Smart Growth is a cohesive set of design philosophies that prioritizes mixed-use development over single-use development, pedestrian–friendly and bike-friendly transportation over automobile-dominated transportation, and infill development over peripheral development. Dozens of governmental, businesses, and civic organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have recognized the movement by founding the Smart Growth Network, which is an association that promotes Smart Growth nationwide.

Local officials in DeWitt are interested in incorporating the principles of Smart Growth into the planning process. The purpose of the class project was to assess and provide suggestions to improve the City of DeWitt in terms of Smart Growth principles such as mixed-use and infill development, green infrastructure, setbacks and lot sizes, and walkability.