2016-2017: Scott County, Iowa and the Scott County Health Department



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Civic and Community Engagement | Environmental Public Health | Public Health | Sociology

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The Upper Mississippi Center has been working closely with Scott County Health Department on a two-year project addressing the stunningly high rates of lead poisoning in parts of Scott County, Iowa. This formal report correlates visual characteristics with the risk-category of lead poisoning in specific parcels in Scott County. Data was collected from the pilot survey in the winter of 2016 and used to run tests using SPSS to find relationships between the visual characteristics that were assessed and the risk-category of the parcel. This report aims to address the fact that the standard for residential visual assessment has a multitude of criteria that seems excessive for what it is truing to accomplish. By finding the highest correlations between visual characteristics and the risk category it falls into, the report will be able to communicate which criteria are more than likely necessary for visual assessment and which criteria are the least correlated and seemingly unnecessary. It is hopeful that this formal report will be used to make visual surveying more efficient for this project’s full-scale survey and will be able to be applied to other lead projects, as well.