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Creative Writing

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Spring 2021


Creative Writing | Engineering Physics | Physics | Poetry

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I could have titled this one "Bad Trip in an Elevator," but that would twist the poem away from its authenticity. You'll have to trust me on this one: this happened. Not in the usual sense, but in that fiction-is-truth-in-a-funhouse-mirror, postmodern Tim O'Brien sense. And hallucinogens were not involved, nor are they encouraged or condoned. (Do with that Wretched Passive Voice what you will.)

If the word "Deathtrap" didn't amuse me so much, I really could have run with the title "Tired." Or maybe "Very Tired" would have been better. And then there are always the big-hitters: "Fatigue," "Exhaustion," "Are We There Yet?," "When's the Next Exit, I've Been Holding It for..." But you get the point. You probably get it more than you want to.

Living in days like these, we’ve all been here, in the elevator. Especially those of you who do go to Augustana. Don’t get me wrong, I trust the CSL elevators, I do. But sometimes the straight-down journey feels like anything but, and you have to wonder whether the little world around you really isn’t wobbling and groaning itself subtly apart. Or is it just me after all?

Enough self-indulgence. Thanks for coming, and extra thanks for sticking around.

P.S. - If you do happen to be the person who inspects those elevators, know that I do respect and trust your work, and that I promise not to haunt you. Pinky promise.


2nd Place Winner, 2021