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This piece discusses my personal struggles with my weight as an obese woman, but also addresses common aspects of daily life that countless young girls and women struggle with through the prevalence of body shaming in our society. I wanted to be their voice to make people aware of how American society wants women to be shaped and molded into the ideal female body.


2nd Place Winner, Personal/Reflective Essay, 2017

I would like to thank Dr. Rebecca Wee for her support and encouragement throughout the term I was in her creative nonfiction class. Words cannot describe my gratitude for her feedback with my revisions, as well as her kind words in describing how impacted she was by this piece.

I would also like to thank my peers in my creative nonfiction class from the 2016-2017 winter trimester. You were all so supportive and helpful during the class critique for this piece, and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to share this piece with you all.

A special thanks to Alyssa Froehling for encouraging me to apply for the Wollstonecraft Award. You believed in this piece, and in my writing capabilities. To have someone as talented and gifted as you encourage me to apply for this award was touching and meant a lot to me!

In addition, I would like to thank Dr. Mitra, the Department of Women and Gender Studies at Augustana College, Cassy Casas, Dr. Al-wazedi, and Dr. Popple for all of their hard work for the Wollstonecraft Award Contest.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read this essay! This was a difficult piece for me to write, as well as share and publish, but hopefully this touched you in some way or another. Thank you for giving this fat girl some confidence to share her story with the world!

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