WGSS-130 Intro to Gender Studies

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Student Paper

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Spring 2022


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Medical Education | Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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Historically, medicine has centered around a single model: that of the white, cisgender, heterosexual, abled, middle-class male body. While it is well known that patients of diverse identities often present differently, medical education continues to use this dominant, normative model as the standard for all patients while ignoring marginalized groups in their descriptions. "Flippin' Medicine" reflects on the prevalence of normative models in medicine, as well as the ways in which these models slip past the notice of providers with privileged identities. The author then describes the process behind creating a resource, titled Flipped Medicine: A Guide to Deconstructing the Normative Patient Model, that aims to teach providers how to identify and deconstruct normative models in medical education by centering the experiences of marginalized patients.

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