WGSS-350: Queer Theories

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Student Paper

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Spring 5-2022

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Teachers who are part of the LGBTQ+ community face unique circumstances when it comes to educating students about LGBTQ+ and other social issues, especially when they have multiple marginalized identities. Some teachers may not be safe or comfortable coming out, while others may feel pressured to come out in order to provide positive queer representation for students. The culture surrounding coming out in the U.S. may significantly contribute to this pressure. This essay analyzes non-binary teachers' perspectives on coming out in the classroom. Through this analysis, insight is provided into the ways in which queer teachers may intentionally or unintentionally contribute to coming out culture, and other harmful generalizations about queer people, through their processes of coming out. Ultimately, this information helps to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of coming out in the classroom, on a personal and societal level.

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