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For nearly two centuries people have settled here in the Quad Cities from all around the world and varied walks of life. The Great Quad Cities Listen is a project of W IK to collect and share our diverse stories. As we listen to one another, it is our hope that our community not only gains in civic pride, but also builds connections that foster a more compassionate Quad Cities.

All interview sessions during the Great Quad Cities Listen were held with two participants: an interviewer and an interviewee. While it is very normal for these sessions to be conversational, usually at least one participant spent some time preparing some questions for their partner.

All stories collected during the Great Quad Cities Listen will also be submitted to StoryCorps, a national program with a similar mission, and ultimately archived in the Library of Congress. The Rock Island Public Library is also archiving the stories collected locally. Some of the stories have even been aired during Morning Edition on WVIK.

Through this display you can access a podcast consisting of select edited stories.

WVIK is a public service of Augustana College.

The Great Quad Cities Listen is made possible by support from the Joyce and Tony Singh Family Foundation.

Photos courtesy of the Augustana Photo Bureau

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