BIOL-375: Molecular Genetics

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ABC transporters are essential for cellular transport; contribute to maintain the homeostasis of the cells. Generally, ABC transporters are multi-subunit; contain essential cytoplasmic factors which are critical to ATP hydrolysis activity. In this paper, we would like to take a closer look to Mrub_1283, Mrub_1284 and Mrub_1285, three consecutive genes in Meiothermus ruber genome. We hypothesize that these genes are in the same operon and encode for ABC glycine/ betaine transporters. To confirm our hypothesis, we utilizes several bioinformatics tools to predict the potential function of Mrub_1283, Mrub_1284 and Mrub_1285 and to search for their orthologs in Escherichia coli genome. From the data of different bioinformatics tools, Mrub_1283, Mrub_1284 and Mrub_1285 are showed to be orthologous to proV, proW and proX genes in E.coli genomes. As a result, Mrub_1283, Mrub_1284 and Mrub_1285 have the same function with proV, proW and proX therefore encode for ABC glycine/ betaine transporters in Meiothermus ruber.

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