Each year, students in MUSC 313—Styles and Literature of Music II engage in active scholarly research that focuses on a masterpiece of Western art music composed between 1700 and 1850. In groups of three, students choose from topics related to the creation, performance, and influence of the piece in its musical, historical, and cultural context. Topics include religion, liturgy, philosophy, politics, art, theatre, dance, language, crime, and mythology. The goal is to go beyond musical analysis to achieve an understanding of how music is created, accepted in its own time, and in turn influences later musicians. The result is a series of essays published as a monograph we call a Festschrift—a celebration of individual and collaborative achievement in research, questioning, and writing.


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2018 Festschrift: Franz Josef Haydn's "The Creation"

2017 Festschrift: Beethoven's Symphony No. 3, Op. 55