Aims & Scope

SAG welcomes submissions that:

  • Expound upon any Swedish immigrant who settled in North America
  • Present the genealogical research of an ancestor or family in Sweden
  • Cover any time period of American or Swedish history
  • Have not been published elsewhere or have been submitted to another journal

The journal has emphasis on the following types of content listed in priority:

  • Feature Articles. These are excellent essays. The subject of these articles include:
    • Case Studies (well documented with citations to key sources)
    • Articles of Swedish or Swedish-American History
    • Articles on Records, Major Resources, or Compiled Genealogies
  • Personal History or Biography. These articles are about your research journey, the biography of a Swedish American, or a Swedish Ancestor.

  • Book or Article Reviews.
    • Review of a book or article written English or Swedish
    • The main topic must have relevance to people doing Swedish genealogy
  • Tools and Technology.
    • Websites
    • Key databases
    • Handwriting examples

    For more information, see Submission Guidelines.