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In this project we investigated the biological function of the genes mrub_0320, mrub_0321, mrub_0322, and mrub_2366 (KEGG map number 02010). We predict these genes encode components of a sn-glycerol-3-phosphate (ABC) transporter: 1) mrub_0320 (DNA coordinates 288469..289401) encodes the permease component (aka transmembrane domain), predicted to be an ortholog; 2) mrub_0321 (DNA coordinates 289394..290218) encodes another permease domain, and also contains a transcriptional regular; ATP-binding domain (aka nucleotide binding domain); 3) mrub_0322 (DNA coordinates 290234..291541) encodes the solute binding protein; and 4) mrub_2366 (DNA coordinates 2418207..2419352 on the reverse strand) encodes for an ATP-binding domain for multiple sugar-related ABC transport systems (aka nucleotide binding domain). The unique function of mrub_2366 is not found in the E. coli ortholog; for that series of genes, the ATP-binding domain is ABC transporter specific. Since the ATP-binding domain for M. ruber has less specificity, it is not a part of the operon of the rest of the sn-glycerol-3-phosphate ABC transporter. This project is part of the Meiothermus ruber genome analysis project, which predicts gene function using the bioinformatics tools collected under the umbrella of the Guiding Education through Novel Investigation –Annotation Collaboration Toolkit (GENI-ACT).

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